Document Authentication


If you need to use a danish document overseas, then the document must be legalized by the foreign embassy of destinatoin country before it can be considered valid.  Each country has its own requirements for legalisation depending on documents intended use. 

We offer an unmatched speedy document legalisation, apostille,  and notarisation services.


We offer translation service  from Danish, English to Chinese in high level. Please contact us here for more information.

Price info.

Legalization for China (The price includes legalization fee and our service fee)

  • From dkk.1050,-/each civil document 
  • From dkk,1380,-/each commercial document

Please note the above prices are not included danishVAT.

Contact us for a bedre offer, If you need to get 2 or more documents legalized 

Normal processing time is 5 working days | Express Service: 2 working days with an additional fee. Contact us for more information.