About Us

About Us

CTHI has many years of experience in the provision of visa services.

We offer complete visa service for both companies and private persons, 

for any country in the world.

Through the years, we have cooperated closely with the different embassies in Denmark

We offer an unmatched speedy visa service at a competitive price.

We have direct links with the Bureau of Exit & Entry Administration Ministry of Public Security in China.

This means that we have the opportunity to offer an extra easy visa process in connection with Group Visa (port visa) without fingerprints, and your original passport is no need.

 With us,  You will always receive your original visa before you depart from Denmark and you avoid the difficulty and waiting time at the Embassies.

We provide visa Services to any country big or small. If you have any question about visa and Legalization, please feel free to contact us here.