Visa to Ghana

Visa is required for all danish citizens when entering Ghana. CTHI offers a professional visa service for you, who need a visa to Ghana.

To apply for a tourist visa to Ghana, the following documents are required:

  • Your original passport and a passport copy (the passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of departure from Ghana.)
  • Passport picture in color with light background (3.5cm x4.5cm)
  • A copy of the flight ticket
  • A copy of the hotel reservation or An invitation if you will stay at a private place.
  • The completed visa application form ( Fill out the form here)

  • Proof of vaccination against yellow fever.

For a business visa, you need to provide an additional letter of guarantee from your employer and an invitation letter from the company in Ghana that you will visit.


Please note: you can also apply for Student visas and Transit visas. Contact us here, or at tel. 53858209 for further info.


    Price info.


    • 30-day visa with single entry: DKK 1,190.
    • 3-month visa with several entries: DKK 1,350.
    • 6-month visa with several entries: DKK 1,850.
    • one year visa with several entries: DKK.2250.

    Visa processing time is 10 -12 working days. Express visa service is available with an additional fee. Contact us for further info.