C hina

Visa to china

Visa is required for All Danish citizens when entering China.

CTHI Visa Service has many years of experience in the provision of China visas.

We have direct links with the Bureau of Exit & Entry Administration Ministry of Public Security in China. Therefore, we can offer an unmatched speedy visa service at a competitive price.

With CTHI, we offer service for all types of visas, including:

  • E-visa / Group visa without the need for taking a fingerprint record and without the need to fill out visa application forms. Original passport is not required.
  • Regular visas (if you travel alone or need more than one entry)
  • Business visa without fingerprint records

How to get a visa / E-visa (port visa) delivered

You will receive your original visa before you depart for China. No matter which type of visa you apply for. We will send your passport/visa to you by the registered post. Alternatively, you can pick up your passport/visa at our office after the appointment.